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We at Odin pride ourselfs at our home made food, we use only top quality ingredients.

Odin's salmon is imported from Norway, the tender lamb and beef is imported from New Zeeland. The pork and chicken are local produce and also of highest quality. 




Avocado with prawns and cocktail sauce 

Mussels in oil and garlic marinade

Fried chicken liver in wine and cream sauce 

Prawn cocktail

Fried mushrooms à la creme

Toast with smoked salmon with mustard sauce

Prawns and red caviar in mayonnaise on toasted bread

Fried Camembert with cranberry sauce

Grilled Halloumi cheese (Cyprus specialty)

Garlic bread

Garlic bread with cheese

Bruschetta with tomato, mozzarella, garlic and basil



Home Made Dips

Tzaziki and Pitta bread

Tachini and Pitta bred

Taramosalata and Pitta bred

Houmus and Pitta bread









Greek salad with fetta cheese

Tomato and onion salad

Sea food salad-
 Salad with tunafish, shrimp and mussels

Home made soups

Onion soup

Vegetable  soup minestrone

Clear chicken soup





From Scandinavia

Plank steak - Fillet steak with warm béarnaise sauce and pommes duchesse  homemade mashed potatoes, served on a wooden dish

Home made meatballs with creamy gravy 

Fillet steak bearnaise - with home made warm bearnaise sauce

Cod gratin with shrimps and pommes duschesse

Boiled salmon with parsley sauce

Specialties of Odin Restaurant

Fillet steak Odin with our creamy herb sauce

Fillet Black & White-
Beef steak with gravy & pork fillet with warm béarnaise sauce

Tournedos with paté and Madeira sauce

Beef Stroganoff

Pork fillet - baked whole with a creamy mushroom sauce

Pork fillet Odin with the chefs creamy herb sauce

Pork fillet with warm béarnaise sauce

Fried pork chop served with boiled vegetables and gravy

Lamb fillet filled with rosemarin and garlic sauce

Fried chicken breast à l'orange

Chicken chasseur - chicken fillet in tomatoe and mushroom sauce

Chicken fillet Odin with the chefs creamy herb sauce

Chicken fillet with warm béarnaise sauce

Chicken fillet in a creamy mushroom sauce



Fillet Steaks

Pepper steak - peppersauce

Steak Diane - mushroom and mustard sauce

Garlic steak - garlic sauce


From the grill

Souvlaki kebab - pork

Souvlaki kebab - chicken

Pork chop 

Grilled chicken breast fillet

Lamb chops 

Fillet steak beef

Mixed grill - souvlaki pork, souvlaki chicken, lamb chop, sheftalies, halloumi and grilled tomato




Kleftiko- Lamb meat and potatoes cooked in a sealed oven


Homemade Moussaka - Layers of sliced potatoes, aubergines, marrows & minced pork

Stifado - Succulent beef cubes and onion cooked in tomatoes and red wine

Afelia - Pork meat marinated and cooked in red wine & coriander








Fried salmon butterfly with hollandaise sauce

Oven made salmon slice in tarragon sauce

Cod gratin with shrimps and pommes duschesse

Boiled salmon with parsley sauce

Dover sole steamed in white wine, served with vermouth sauce

Breaded Scampi

Grilled swordfish served with olive oil & lemon dressing - Cyprus specialty

Fried kalamari with tartar sauce - Cyprus specialty

Grilled tunafish served with olive oil



Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Napolitana - Vegetarian

Spaghetti with tomatoes and mushroom sauce - Vegetarian

Spaghetti Carbonara

Tortellini dello Chef with mushrooms, onions, bacon and cream

Mushroom Stroganoff - Vegetarian

Home made vegetarian Moussaka

Spring rolls




Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Napolitana

Hamburgare & pommes frites

Ostburgare & pommes frites

Kycklingnuggets & pommes frites

Sausages & chips

Fish fingers & chips

Pizza with ham and cheese

Home made meatballs with gravy and choice of potatoes

Pork or Chicken Souvlaki

Mini fillet steak with sauce and potatoes of choice

Chips - medium plate

Mixed ice cream - 3 small scoops

Strawberries and ice cream

For our younger customers, the Odin Restaurant provides high chairs.


Apple pie & ice cream

Tiramisu - Italian style cake

Fresh fruit salad

Strawberries & ice cream

Mixed ice cream - cream and chocolate sauce

Ice cream with peach, cream and strawberry sauce

Cream caramel

Banana split

Fresh fruit salad with ice cream

Peach melba

Yoghurt, honey & nuts

Should you have any requests or a special occasion to celebrate, please let us at the Odin Restaurant make the most of your evening.

We can help you in choosing from the menu or ordering flowers. Please contact us one week in advance to make your booking. 

We can help you in choosing from the menu or ordering flowers. Please contact us one week in advance to make your booking. 

Food allergy or intolerance? Our waiters can advise you when you order which one of our dishes may suit you best.

We can cook most of our sauces without wheat flour or lactose. If you want something special, send us an e-mail with your requests.




Local Red Wine

Veloudhon Velvet
Mediterranian Cabernet Sauvignon  
Dionysos Cabernet Sauvignon
Dionysos Merlot
Dionysos Syrah
Agios Onofrios
Von de Tsiano Cabernet Sauvignon
Othello Cellar
St. Marina - Med Sweet
Odin's House Special - Dry or Med
Odin’s Executive

Local White Wine

Aphrodite - Dry
Arsinoe 62 Vintage - Dry
Alkion -Dry
Ayioklima dry (Gold Award 2007)
Dionysos Sauvignon Blanc – Dry
Dionysos Chardonnay – Dry
Retsina Dionysos - Dry
Thisbe - Fruity Med / Dry
Saint Panteleimon - Med Sweet
Carafe Village Wine - Dry or Med
Odin's House Special - Dry or Med
Odin's House Executive - Dry

Local Rosé Wine

Olympus Rosé - Dry
Olympus Rosé - Med. sweet
Coeur De Lion - Dry 

Odin's House Wine is produced from grapes in the vineyards on the neighboring slopes of the Troodos mountains. 

It is based on rare varieties of grapes always carefully selected in the right way at the right time. Superb taste and appearance are the main characteristics of this wine.


Imported Red Wine

Andes Merlot - Chilie
Andes Cab.Sauvignon - Chilie
J.P.Chenet Cabernet-Syrah - France
J.P.Chenet Merlot - France
Los Boldos Merlot - Chilie
Sangre de Toro - Spain
Tall Horse Merot - South Africa
Tall Horse Shiraz - South Africa
Saint Emilion - France

Imported White Wine

J.P.CHENET Blanc de Blancs  - French
J.P.CHENET Colomb-Chard - French
Pinot Grigio  - Italy
Frascati Superiore D.O.C.- Italian
Montiac Chardonnay – France
Montiac Sauvignon Blanc - France
Chablis Burgundy A.O.C. - France

Imported Rosé Wine

Mateus Rose - Portugal
J.P. Chenet Cinsault Chenache - France
Cecile Rose D’Ahjou - France

Small bottles of wine

Aphrodite – white Dry
Thisbe - white fruity Med/Dry
ST. Panteleimon – white Med/Sweet
Karafe Village Wine – white Dry or Med
Othello - Red
Karafe Village Wine – Red Dry/Med

Wine by the glass

White Village wine Dry / Med
Rosé Olympus Dry / Med sweet
Village wine Red Dry/ Med
Agios Onofrios - Red Dry

Sparkling Wines - Champagnes

Brut Pol Remi – France
Asti Spumante Sant o’rsola - Italy
Brut Marquis de La Fayette



Local Beer


Alcoholic Cider


Imported Beer


Alcoholfree Beer


Aperitifs & Spirits

Sherries - Dry, Med or Sweet
Martini - Dry, Bianco or Rosso
Fernet Branca
Malt Whisky
Smirnoff Ice


Dessert Wines & Liqueurs

Lokal liqueurs
Tia Maria
Grand Mariner

Hot Beverages

Filter coffee
Cyprus coffee
Double espresso
Irish coffee
Royal coffee
Calypso coffee
Bailey's coffee
Drambuie coffee
Amaretto coffee
Sambucca coffee

Brandies & Cognacs

Keo V.S.O.P
Five Kings
Metaxa 7 Stars
Asbach Brandy
Courvoisier V.S.O.P
Remi Martin V.S.O.P
Calvados Boulard


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